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How to Pack a Beach Picnic

Hey party people!

A couple of weekends ago, I was able to get away for a weekend to Tybee Island. It was an amazing weekend & you can read all about it here (as well as register to win a girls weekend yourself).

There’s nothing more wonderful than enjoying a picnic on the beach. My friend Michelle, from Iron & Twine blog, and I decided to do two versions of a beach picnic. You will love her vintage style & her gorgeous photos. I’ll show you a sneak peek of her picnic at the end of this post, with a link.

But first, here’s how to pack a beach picnic…Parties for Pennies style…


Tybee Sleepover - Beach Picnic

How to Pack a Beach Picnic

I am not one of those girls that says, “Don’t get me flowers because they only die.” Beauty can be appreciated whether it lasts a moment or eternity. Flowers are just beautiful to me and I, personally, feel they add so much to a room, a table, or even a picnic. So…why not add a bouquet of flowers to your beach picnic, especially if that picnic is taking place on Tybee Island and especially if you get your flowers from the local IGA. This bouquet cost so little but brought so much beauty.

Tybee Picnic - Flowers

Tybee Picnic - How to Pack a Beach Picnic - Lemonade

I love symbolism. Why not toast to enjoying life with a picnic on the beach, with none other than lemonade. Show life’s lemons who’s the boss.

How to Pack a Beach Picnic

How to Pack a Beach Picnic

Are you like this? Whenever I’m on the warm beach, the last thing I want is something hot. I adore salads and love packing them in my picnics. They are the perfect cold and healthy picnic fare. Instead of my utensils tossing about in my picnic basket, I just secured them to the top with some bakers twine.

How to Pack a Beach Picnic

Tybee Picnic - How to Pack a Beach Picnic - Dressing

I feel I am a bit high-maintenance about my salads. When I pack my husbands (for work), I will always separate the tomatoes in a separate bag so the rest of the salad doesn’t get soggy. I hate putting salad dressing on my salad until last minute because…again…it gets soggy. I’ve sent the salad dressing in just a ziploc bag before but that can be prone to leakage. So…when I was thinking about my dressing transportation (yes…I realize I waste way too much brain power thinking of things like this), an empty mouthwash container popped into my head. I washed it out thoroughly, took off the labels, and behold…you have a mini dressing bottle. Perfect for your beach picnic. If you don’t have an empty bottle like this, pick up one of those travel-size shampoo bottles for $1.

Tybee Picnic - To-Go Salad Dressing

How to Pack a Beach Picnic

For our backyard wedding reception, we had one of my favorite restaurants in Atlanta, Souper Jenny, cater it. Their food is delicious but one of their all-stars is their pretzel bread sandwiches. Heavenly morsels in your mouth! If you want a delicious & different bread to serve, say “Pretzel, Please!” I got these loafs at Trader Joe’s for a buck each. One buck bread & two buck chuck.

Tybee Picnic - Pretzel Bread

How to Pack a Beach Picnic

If you’ve been around the Pinterest block, you’ve probably seen the veggies stuck in the dip in a plastic cup. Fabulous idea…but you know me & things that are soggy. No beuno. All you need is a large & small cup and the problem is solved. Add the dressing or hummus to the bottom of the large cup. Add the veggies to the small cup. Place the small cup inside the large cup. The large cup is a 16 oz. cup & the smaller cup is one of those cocktail sized cups. It fit inside just enough to allow room for the dressing/hummus. We’re you’re ready to dip, just remove the top cup.

Tybee Picnic - Veggie Cups

How to Pack a Beach Picnic

You can always create individual fruit salads with plastic cups for a picnic but I decided to use the plastic basket that the blackberries came in. It created the perfect serving size and since the berries are really the star of the show, it took the back seat.

Tybee Picnic - Berries

How to Pack a Beach Picnic

I am not responsible for what crossed your mind when you read that heading. I honestly mean everything in the most pure way, but sometimes they come out all wrong.

Dessert is one of my favorite events but many desserts, besides a cookie, require extra care when bringing them along for a picnic. I decided to go with some candied pecans. Even though chocolate could melt, I decided to throw in a few morsels for the heck of it! This only required a piece of paper & some tape to create my cone-shaped nut dessert.

Tybee Picnic - Candied Pecans

How to Pack a Beach Picnic

After your belly is full, lay back, relax, and read a good book. One of the best beach or vacation books is anything by Mary Kay Andrews! She’s a New York Times best selling author & you’ll see why. Tybee Island has a special place in her heart, like it does anyone that visits. She was a big part of organizing the girls weekend on Tybee, and she autographed a book for me to give away to you! Register to win at the bottom of this post.


Tybee Picnic - Mary Kay Andrews Book

Now…all you need to do is head to the beach!


Tybee Picnic by PartiesforPennies.com

Don’t forget to check out Michelle’s amazing beach picnic here & register to win an autographed Mary Kay Andrews book below.

Tybee Beach Picnic

This is me & Mary Kay Andrews. She was so kind, beautiful and just a wonderful woman.

Best selling author, Mary Kay Andrews with Heidi Rew of PartiesforPennies.com

If you’d like to win an autographed copy of her book “Spring Fever,” just enter in the box below.

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  • Kelley P
    Posted at 15:14h, 21 February Reply

    Looks yummy!

    • Heidi Rew
      Posted at 17:28h, 21 February Reply

      Thanks Kelley! <3 Heidi

  • Linda Harris
    Posted at 17:36h, 21 February Reply

    Oh my goodness, I never even thought of using the little mouthwash bottles for things, Thank you, I have a little vintage camper I am redoing and these will be perfecto for things, in the small refridge,

    • Heidi Rew
      Posted at 17:57h, 21 February Reply

      Oh how fun Linda! Are you recording your vintage camper makeover anywhere? I’d love to see that! Thanks so much! <3 Heidi

  • Nicole (Bellenza Party Suite)
    Posted at 15:10h, 24 February Reply

    Oh what I would give to go on a beach picnic right now! This looks divine. I love the wooden utensils and those beautiful flowers. Can’t wait for summer!

    • Heidi Rew
      Posted at 22:22h, 24 February Reply

      Let’s go, Nicole! ;p Thanks so much!! <3 Heidi

  • Thistle
    Posted at 15:40h, 24 February Reply

    LOVE THIS!!!!! Love how the photo shoot turned out! You are brilliant! Thank you so much for totally, totally inspiring me today.

    Happy day!

    • Heidi Rew
      Posted at 22:22h, 24 February Reply

      Thank you Karianne! <3 Heidi

  • Kim Ayers
    Posted at 21:11h, 28 February Reply

    Heidi, I love everything about this. This was honestly like a mini-vacation which I needed today! 🙂 It’s been a few years since I’ve been to the beach but this took me away. I really wish for my mom to get to go to the beach again! It’s been years for her:(. Say a prayer for this.
    Anyhow, my favorite part of the picnic? Everything! I LOVE the candied pecans and cone-paper idea! I am a pecan person! 🙂 Love also that you put some chocolate chips in there. One must have chocolate on a picnic;)! 🙂 Also, this has inspired me to maybe do a cute picnic for my husband, even at home. I have a cute basket now just pray he’ll love it. 🙂

    • Heidi Rew
      Posted at 18:52h, 03 March Reply

      Oh I’m so glad, Kim!! Picnics are so fun…whether they’re on the beach…or in your backyard! <3 Heidi

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