Copper Wire Easter Eggs

Hey party people!

Is anyone asking, “How is it Easter already?” Whew…time is flying.

Hope you have wonderful plans for this special weekend. I’m hosting Easter dinner at our house and we’re attending a midnight mass on Saturday. Looking forward to a meaningful and fun time.

You know if I’m hosting, then I start thinking about the tablescape and settings immediately. Well, I wanted to use what I had but add something unique to it. That’s when I crafted these copper wire Easter eggs.

Copper Wire Easter Egg Craft by Heidi Rew of

I’m all aboard with the copper craze right now. I’m kinda getting tired of gold and I’m still over silver, so copper it is!

You can use these abstract copper wire eggs as flower cages or you could put a name card inside for seating.

Copper Wire Easter Egg Craft by

This is all you’ll need – plastic easter egg, copper wiring, and pliers or wire cutters.

Copper Wire Easter Egg Craft by

Start by wrapping your wire around the egg once. If you’re having trouble keeping it in place, just thread one end through the holes in the egg. You’re just creating a template.

Copper Wire Easter Egg Craft by

Cut the end and wrap around the other wire end. This should form an egg shape.

Copper Wire Easter Egg Craft by

Next, take your copper wire and wrap it around your plastic egg. Again, you’re using the plastic egg to create a form.

Copper Wire Easter Egg Craft by

Slide your wire off the plastic egg and cut the end. Now slip your form over the 1st egg shape you created. Wrap one end at the top and the other end at the bottom. This creates an egg-shaped copper wire cage.

Copper Wire Easter Egg Craft by Heidi Rew of

Now you can fill it with a beautiful bloom, an Easter message, or a name card.

What are you doing for Easter? Do you have an Easter egg hunt? My brother is going to an adult Easter egg hunt party. How fun is that? I want to be friends with whoever is throwing that.

Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend. Keep watching out for Parties for Pennies on social media, bloglovin & in your inbox! Next week is going to be jammed packed with fun posts.

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Fringe Table Runner Tutorial

Hey party people!

Even though this month is focused on weddings, here’s a project that can be for any event.

Fringe Table Runner Tutorial by

This Fringe Table Runner tutorial only requires the skill of being able to tie your shoe laces. Can you do that? Okay then…get ready to be a a fringe rock star.

This table runner is what I made for our stylized wedding shoot at Dunaway Gardens a few weeks ago. Be patient friends. We’ll reveal the entire shoot soon. Not only is this a fun runner for a wedding table, but it’d be a great piece for any table.


- Flannel Fabric (3 yards cover 2 6 ft. tables)

- Scissors

- Chalk

- Ruler or Yardstick

The reason why I used flannel is because I didn’t want to worry about frayed edges. The flannel I got was a little thicker and the edges are still in great shape. If you’re a great seamstress, the best thing would be to sew the edges. If you’re not, it’s okay.

Begin by cutting your fabric to your preferred runner dimensions. If you are using 3 yards, you can basically cut it down the middle.

DIY Fringe Table Runner by

Start at one end, and cut the end into a “v” shape.

DIY Fringe Table Runner by

With chalk, trace another “v” above the cut. Make sure that there is at least 4 inches between them.

DIY Fringe Table Runner by

Start cuting slits from the original cut to the chalk marks.

DIY Fringe Table Runner by

Begin at one end and tie one slit to the one beside it. You don’t have to knot it, just tie it. Continue until all the pieces are tied. Do the same thing on the other side of your runner.

DIY Fringe Runner by

 Now you have your own fringe table runner!

Can’t wait to share the rest of this wonderful wedding shoot. Until then…Party On!

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DIY Tassel Napkin Ring

Hey party people!

Parties for Pennies wedding month continues. If you’re in the middle of planning a wedding or know someone that is, follow Parties for Pennies on facebook and twitter for great tips & inspiration throughout the week. At the end of this month, Meagan O Photography & I will share a full reveal of the wedding we set up. I can’t wait to share that with you.

Today, I’m sharing a fun party project that you can use for a wedding or another party. Here’s how you can create your own DIY Tassel Napkin Ring.

DIY Tassel Napkin Ring by

In the video tutorial I used tissue paper, but for the actual wedding place setting I used fabric. I found a mint fabric that was inexpensive and I felt like it looked a little more chic for what I was wanting. Either one will work great. Just know that there are a couple of options.

This DIY TASSEL NAPKIN RING will add the perfect touch to a wedding place setting, a dinner party or other entertaining event. If you don’t have use for it as a napkin ring, you can always use them to create bunting, accessorize balloons, drape across chairs, or string a bunch together for a fun photo backdrop.

For more wedding ideas for receptions, flowers, invitations and more, check out the Parties for Pennies pinterest page.

Until next time…Party On!

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Budget Friendly Floral Centerpiece Ideas

Hey party people!

Today is the second project I’m sharing for our Bridal Shower theme for this month. The great thing about this project is you can use it for a bridal shower, a wedding, a dinner party, or for your own family dinner. Here are some budget-friendly floral centerpiece ideas…


budget friendly floral centerpieces

Not many people love flowers as much as I do. I have never, ever told my husband don’t spend money on flowers for me. I cannot get enough. Instead of being called the “cat lady,” you can call me the “flower lady.” If there were funny YouTube videos about flowers, I’d probably be watching them right now. ;p If I could afford it, I’d constantly have fresh flowers in every room of the house…yep…even the bathroom.

This should come as no surprise that I love having fresh flowers for my parties. The only problem is they can add up quick. Here’s a great idea you can do to save money on flowers but still create a beautiful centerpiece.

Budget Friendly Floral Centerpiece

Instead of buying multiple bouquets of flowers for your centerpieces, take a glass vase, add a layer of pebbles, pour water until partially full, and then add one large bloom. Just cut it at the very top of the stem, below the bloom. Place it on the top of the water and you’ve got a beautiful & budget-friendly floral centerpiece. You can group these together in a set of three, using varying vase heights or you could add another vase with a floating candle instead of the bloom.

If the pebbles don’t really go with your entertaining style, try these options…

budget friendly floral centerpiece -seaglass

…use seaglass on the bottom of your vase…

Floral Centerpiece - Shells with citrus flowers

…or, if you’re really going for a beachy feel, add some shells…

Budget Friendly floral centerpiece

You can use any color of flower that you’d like. The bigger blooms are better (say that 3 times fast :) ). The pink peony is a fake flower and the others are real. The faux flower worked fine, but it does soak up water faster than real blooms. The real blooms tend to float longer.

I can’t wait to show you how these turned out for my bridal shower! One more project next week & I’ll share the final reveal the following week.

Hope you have a cupcake-without-any-of-the-calories kinda day!

Party On!

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Homemade Truffles

Hey party people!

Happy Valentine’s Day week! I love Valentine’s Day. I’ve always loved it. I mean, what is not to love? It’s a holiday featuring one of my favorite colors…pink! An excuse to indulge in chocolate and a day to remind people in your life how much you love them.

If you like to show people how much you love them by making them something, these homemade truffles are the perfect thing. They’re very easy to make, inexpensive and beautiful! Check out this video tutorial to find out how! The tutorial was shot in our kitchen that we just made-over. Here are the before & after pictures.

These make perfect Valentine’s Day gifts, party favors, teacher gifts, or just a delicious dessert!

Here’s the original recipe that I adapted from Wellness Mama.

If you want a printable version of the recipe I used, click here.

Homemade Chocolate Truffles - Recipe Card

Create a gift box for your homemade truffles by following this easy diagram and using cardstock or thick scrapbook paper.

How to make a giftbox from paper

Hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! I, for one, think you’re gr8!

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