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Hey party people!

There’s been so many wonderful people I’ve met because of blogging…like YOU! During my recent trip to Tybee, I met precious Cindy Barganier. She is such a talented designer and one of the sweetest people. She talked to me a lot about her daughter and her love for throwing parties! I knew we’d get along right away. It’s true. It has been a joy to get to know Megan & her blog Project Housewife. Today, we’re featuring her Lucky Duck St Patricks Day Party! 

Lucky Duck St Patricks Day Party | Project Housewife

It’s always fun to plan a party! If you read Heidi’s blog, then you probably agree! A party for kids is especially fun! It can be extremely stressful also if you have no help. Trust me, I know! As a mom of three kids (4, 2, and 4 months), I have plenty of help, just not the kind of help that’s…helpful! I am creative. I am also a control-FREAK. So it’s hard for me to be that mom who let’s the kids ‘have at it’ when it comes to projects. I want them to do their thing, but then I feel the need to take over if they aren’t splattering paint the way I would splatter paint. (Can I get an amen? Please tell me I’m not the only one…)

St Patricks Day Party on | Project Housewife Feature

(Megan splattered paint on material to create a unique tablecloth)

There are a few other things that get in my way- the weather, changes in car-pool schedules, blown electrical circuits, the unexpected stomach-bug, a lack of lucite tables and/or Hermes trays, and of course forgetting how many iced lattes and accessories I bought last week resulting in ‘insufficient funds’. WHATever…!

Lately I’ve attempted to change my ways. I’m a mom who’s on a mission to laugh a little more at my life and stress a little less when things aren’t perfect. I am better some days than others.

St Patricks Day Party - Lucky Duck Party feature by Project Housewife

A month or so ago, I got the urge to throw a St. Patty’s day-themed kid party. But when “super-cute-Heidi-Rew” invited me to spend a day on her blog, it was on. I would throw an all green party that everyone would remember. I got busy planning some details that would blow.your.mind. Then my kiddos came home from pre-school and reality kicked it into high-gear. Rather than inviting the whole town to an authentic Irish pub experience, I gathered the girls in my bible study/bunco group and their little ones for a small celebration. Turns out between a dozen or so of us, we have THIRTY KIDS UNDER FIVE. Just thinking about it makes my left eye twitch.

 St Patricks Day Party - Lucky Duck Party feature by Project Housewife

My budget was $50. FIFTY DOLLARS!  (I intentionally did not search the web for ideas). Here’s proof you don’t need a huge budget or a team of professionals or six months to plan an awesome party. You do need a little creativity, the ability to take deep breaths when panic attacks ensue, a few giant sweet-teas to keep you moving the morning of, and of course…little-party-people!

I found inspiration from a set of plates I’ve always liked (and recently saw in the new Domino Magazine) and a rubber ducky in my kids’ bathtub. I zipped through my local craft store and grabbed a few cheap and festive decorations.

Most of the projects involved were totally kid-friendly- my two and four year olds helped a lot. Well, they helped for several minutes until I couldn’t take it anymore and gave them an equally important job of counting birds flying in the sky.

St Patricks Day Party - Lucky Duck Party Feature by Project Housewife

Before I knew it, it was time to party. Wednesday showed up and brought a wind so strong that one little leprechaun was concerned “the party might fly away and end up in the land of diz!” (I didn’t tell her it was the land of OZ…or that the wind and not a real tornado.) 

My table scape blew away 20 times in an hour. My ROY G. BIV balloons were supposed to be staked in the grass in the shape of an arch. Unfortunately, they didn’t stand a chance against the wind or my Ford-man, who ‘sent them to heaven’ before I could stop him. And the pot of gold was all but empty because most of the chocolate coins were devoured by my sneaky helpers before the guests arrived.

Lucky Duck St Patricks Day Party by Project Housewife

(Source for Bunting & Stickers: Cam Addison Designs)

Regardless of the countless events that morning that resulted in my anxiety and need for several chill-pills, the party itself was just-right. As soon as our first little guests walked up, nothing else mattered! We had a packed house at Lucky Duck Cafe that afternoon and it worth every last shiny chocolate penny.

 St Patricks Day Party Lucky Duck Party feature by Project Housewife

St Patricks Day Party - Lucky Duck Cafe Feature by Project Housewife

St Patricks Day Party - Lucky Duck Cafe feature by Project Housewife

St Patricks Day Party 6

St Patricks Day Party 5St Patricks Day - Lucky Duck Cafe by Project Housewife

St Patricks Day Party 14

St Patricks Day Party 4

You can re-create these ideas with things you probably already have, plus a pinch of luck, in a single day. Come on over to my place and I’ll show you step-by-step how I threw this perfectly (imperfect) party.

Thanks so much for letting me spend a few minutes with you! Now go have yourself a party, people!

Thanks so much Megan for sharing your adorable party with us! Isn’t she so talented? Check out her blog & leave her a comment sharing your favorite thing about this party! 

Have a Happy St Patricks Day & party on! 

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  • Katie Jones
    Posted at 00:31h, 17 March Reply

    Love it! Especially the part about ROY G. BIV balloons…even though we didn’t get to see them!

    • Heidi Rew
      Posted at 16:32h, 17 March Reply

      Didn’t she do an awesome job! Silly wind! ;p <3 Heidi

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