How to Make a Robot Pinata {PercyVites Pinata}

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Hey party people!

What says a party more like a big box of candy that you try & hit to break open?? Pinatas are par for the party course but they can really add some $$ to your party budget. Instead, DIY one! This is a really easy pinata that anyone can do! No paper mache necessary. And the best part? It’s a PercyVites Percy Pinata!

(To see how to DIY a Percy Party Plate, check out this)

Here’s how to make a robot pinata…

DIY Percy Pinata by

This is what you need to gather (some of it you probably already have around the house):

Percyvite Pinata - materials


Two boxes (one larger than the other)

Gray or Silver tissue paper


Black Cardstock/Construction Paper

Green Duct tape/Scotch tape


And…of course…candy!

* I thought I was going to use the slinkys as robot arms but thought it looked better without them. However, if you want to add them to yours, it’d be a fun touch.

Percyvites Pinata - Steps 1-4

Step 1: We first need to attach the two boxes together. We’re going to use the larger box for Percy (or the robot’s head) and the smaller one for his body. Instead of using glue or tape, I used a ribbon I had. Simply poke it through the bottom of the larger box with some scissors. Poke another piece of ribbon on the top of the large box. This will allow you to hang your pinata.

Step 2: Tie a knot at the end of the ribbon. Take the ribbon that you just poked through the bottom of the large box & poke it through the top of the smaller box. Once you pull the ribbon through & make sure the large & small boxes are tightly secure, tie a knot to secure the bottom box.

*As I’m typing these steps, I realized they seem much more complicated than they actually are…I’m sorry. If you have any questions about this, please don’t hesitate to email me (, comment here, or message me. 

Step 3: Save a couple pieces of candy for yourself…then fill the boxes with candy.

Step 4: Tape the boxes closed. I did this with regular wrapping paper tape and I didn’t tape it up really well because I want the candy to break out of that opening.

Percyvites Pinata - Steps 5-8

Step 5: Cover the top, middle (as best as you can), & bottom of the box with your tissue paper. I used tape on this whole project. You could probably use a glue stick, as well.

Step 6: Cut a 3″ to 4″ strip of tissue paper. I tried to layer the tissue paper so I could get as many pieces as I could.

Step 7: Along that strip of tissue paper, cut small strips along the whole piece. Don’t cut all the way through. You’re just trying to create a fringe.

Step 8: Starting at the bottom, tape or glue the strips all the way around. Layer your fringed strips until they cover your robot/Percy.

For Percy’s face, follow the instructions for this DIY Percy Party Plate.

DIY Robot Pinata by

He’s almost too cute to hit. ;p

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