Tailgate Party Ideas

Hey party people!

Are you ready for some….FOOTBALL??? Don’t like football? Okay…how bout…Are you ready for some…FOOD & FUN?

I am not much of a football watcher but if there’s a party involved…I will be ALL IN! That’s why I get so excited about Tailgate parties!

Tailgate Party Ideas by PartiesforPennies.com Collage


 The best thing to do for a tailgate party is keep it simple. The last thing you want to do is lug a ton of decorations or high-maintenance food 20 miles to the game.

Tailgate Party Tips

Here are several tips to keep your tailgate party simple and stress-free:

1| Get double use out of your boxes or cooler and use them to stage your food.

Tailgate Party Tips

2| Make a simple pennant using chalkboard paper & change the wording when you feel like it! “Go Team” or “Rise Up” (For the Atlanta Falcons) or whatever other phrase to show your support!
Tailgate Party Tips

3| Use a blanket to create a “tablecloth” and…if nothing spills, you could use it to keep warm during the late night games.

Tailgate Party Tips

4| Store veggies or salads in clean, empty pasta jars.

Tailgate Party Tips

5| Serving french fries or chips? Dish up individual servings in plain lunchbags. Just roll down the sides & they’re ready to serve.

These chips are blue cheese chips & they’re semi-homemade. Here is the recipe or the steps (not sure if this really counts as a recipe).

Tailgate Party Tips

Semi-Homemade Blue Cheese Chips – 

* Take real blue cheese & pulse just 3 times in a food processor (just to break up the big chunks).

* Lay plain potato chips on a non-stick cooking pan & spray with olive oil cooking spray.

* Sprinkle blue cheese crumbles on top of the potato chips.

* Bake for 5-7 minutes at 425 degrees.

Tailgate Party Tips

6| For dessert, sandwich a little whipped vanilla icing in between two chocolate chip cookies & add sprinkles that coorespond with your team colors to the sides.

Tailgate Party Tips

7| Keep the meal simple & easy to prepare with these wings! I’ve done a great crockpot recipe before by Caveman’s Feast (my husband turned me onto these recipes…shocker, isn’t it…with the name Caveman Feast ;p…he was probably tired of girly salads all the time). Here’s the recipe for crockpot wings, if you’d like to try them.

Tailgate Party Tips

Whatever team you cheer for, I hope this gives you some inspiration for your own tailgate party! Happy Football Season! 

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