Weekend Wrap Party – St Patricks Day

Did you find a pot o’ gold this weekend? Get hit with the luck of the Irish? 
How bout just eat some really good grub? 

This weekend was jammed full o’ fun! Mike’s (the hubster) dad, wife & her daughter came to visit from Florida. 

Saturday night, my parents came over along with our friend Jeff & we had an “authentic” (or as close as I can get to authentic) Irish meal. This will be more like weekend wrap party through pictures. The in laws are still here so I’ll do a quickie post. 
Shephards Pie
Irish Soda Bread (not my fav to be honest)

My mom also made a great salad. 
Guinness Cake (oh, it was sooo good…moist, delicious & topped with cream cheese icing)

I was kinda experimenting with the four leaf clovers. I had some green melts (for a reason that you will soon see…eww…cliffhanger…;p) so I free handed some four leaf clovers. 
It turned out to be a beautiful night…perfect temp…so we ate outside. I hate doing the “L-R” thing (just to be honest…it takes too much brain power ;p) but here goes…

L-R: Mike’s stepsister Candace, Jeff (our friend), Dave (Mike’s dad), Becki (Dave’s wife), my mom…momma Rew, my dad & my youngest brother Clayton
We all had a wonderful time, talking, laughing & playing BDG. It’s an “icebreaker” type game that I learned from pop star Pink. Not that we’re really close but I heard her say she plays it on a radio interview. She’s cool, so I’m game. ;p The letters stand for Brag, Desire & Gratitude. Each person has to share each of these. 

I just don’t think I can say enough great things about the weekend. It was such a wonderful time with Dave, Becki & Candace!
Guinness’ tactic…Stare & make his presence known until you break! I think he feels entitled to the Irish meal. Afterall, his name is Guinness…I guess St Patty’s day is kinda “his” holiday. ;p
Sunday, the girls went shopping in the Virginia Highlands while the guys went to Home Depot, the Apple Store, did some caulking, etc. The downside was that I forgot my camera so all the pictures I have are from my IPhone. 🙁 The above picture is from Cacao, a chocolate boutique that I could seriously live at! It is so pretty, smells amazing…and…there’s lots of chocolate! I mean who wouldn’t want to live there? That is a peppermint marshmallow dipped in chocolate & it was the BEST EVER! 
This is one of my favorite stores in the Highlands, Urban Cottage. They have the most unique home decor, cards, cookbooks, etc. 
This was a dress made from popcorn!!! Isn’t that cool? I’d give it a Parties For Pennies cheapskate award for best dressed for less! ;p

I found this book in another one of my favorite stores, Paper Source. I stood in the store & read this book aloud to Becki & Candace like I was reading in a library full of children. Birds came & perched on my shoulder, butterlflies were prancing around, little squirrels stood at attention…no…I’m kidding. That was only my dream as a little girl after watching the Cinderella cartoon. ;p Anyone else? No? Okay…moving right along…

That was a quick picture tour of our wonderful weekend! How was yours? What did you do for St Patty’s day? Do you share my feeling of Irish Soda Bread? 

Can’t wait to come back this Wednesday to share some Baby Shower ideas. It will probably be closer to Wednesday evening by the time I’m able to post it. So…check back Thursday morning. 

Hope you have a great week!
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