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Popsicle Pool Party

Hey party people!It's a big day today! The first official launch of the new Parties for Pennies site, and I get to share a really fun Popsicle Pool Party with you.First of all…I REALLY would love your feedback on the new site - good & bad. The purpose of redesigning it was to make it mo ...
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DIY Drink Umbrellas

Hey party people!I just wrapped up a great blog conference called Haven last weekend. I didn't write about it because I've got so many fun party projects & inspiration to fit in. BUT…if you want to read about the experience, check out these great posts from some of the attendees.All I will say ...
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DIY Strawberry Balloon

Hey party people!I must admit that I wasn't so much a balloon person a couple years ago. Not sure why. They just weren't something I wanted to use for parties. BUT…something has changed over the past year and I'm obsessing over them. There's so many creative ways to use balloons.I was thrilled whe ...
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DIY Patriotic Lunch Bag

Hey party people!Fourth of July is a time to be out at the pool, watch the fireworks on a picnic blanket, celebrate being free. If you're going to be toting your 4th of July fare, carry them in this DIY Patriotic Lunch Bag.I'm a little obsessed with fun, graphic linen bags and this DIY Patriotic Lun ...
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4th of July Entertaining Ideas

Hey party people!Are you prepping for some BBQing, watermelon seed spitting, parade-watching, and ice cream eating? If you're hosting a patriotic celebration, check out these easy 4th of July Entertaining Ideas... Beginning from the top, left to right -1. Tin Can/Pie Pan Server - create an easy ...
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Lavender Lemonade Sorbet Recipe

Hey party people!Did you ever have "homemade ice cream socials" at your church growing up? I did and they were magically delicious! We had every kind of homemade ice cream you could think of. Looking back, it seems almost a quintessential part of my childhood. We'd grab our favorite flavors (in a co ...
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Guest Room Makeover

Hey party people!This is a break in regularly scheduled party programming to share a makeover that has been going on for over a year. Reason number 251 why I couldn't be a home blogger. It takes me forever to finish rooms. Another reason I couldn't be a home blogger - because I'm not an interior dec ...
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Magic Treehouse Party

Hey party people!A couple weekends ago, I planned and coordinated a 6 year old birthday party for this guy.His name is Davey and he is a huge fan of the Magic Treehouse books. The Magic Treehouse books are a series that use a Magic Treehouse to transport Jack and Annie to different time periods. Dur ...
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Hey party people!I'm constantly working on making this blog better, with higher quality content for you. I'm taking photography classes right now and last weekend, I attended Annette Joseph's photo styling workshop. If you haven't heard of Annette Joseph, I guarantee you've seen her work. With over ...
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Hey party people!Chances are you may end up at the beach this summer. Chances are, especially if you have children, you'll end bringing home seashells. Those shells usually get tossed in a ziploc bag, then hidden in a closet somewhere. Instead of your shells taking up space, use them to enhance your ...
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