Football Jersey Koozies - Feature

DIY Koozies

Hey party people!Are you enjoying football season? If you're planning a football-watching party or tailgate, DIY Koozies would be the perfect touch. Make them as decorations, favors, or even give them as gifts. The best part? They look like football jerseys! Customize them to your favorite team and ...
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Sizzix - Frozen Themed Cupcake Stand Feature

Frozen Cupcake Stand

Hey party people!If you follow Parties for Pennies on facebook, you've probably already seen my little news. I'm excited to be partnering with Sizzix by joining their team of video bloggers. I'll be posting a new video each week. Follow along with the Sizzix blog here.Not sure what a Sizzix is?It's ...
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Over 100 DIY Costume Ideas - Feature

Over 100 DIY Halloween Costumes

Hey party people!I LOVE Halloween. Not for any of the scary parts, but for the fun part of dressing up. I especially love trying to come up with a DIY costume every year. Before everyone knew what Pinterest was, I created a Human Pinterest Board costume. It may have been a little too far ahead of t ...
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Healthy Nachos - Feature

Video: Healthy Nachos

Hey party people!Football season is here and that means…football food is here too! Yum, yum. I love me some chips, dip, and pizza but party people can't live by junk food alone. So, I decided to makeover the usual nacho recipe. This recipe even has GREENS…and I'm not talking about iceberg lettuc ...
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Football Pennant Printables - Feature

Football Pennant Printables

Hey party people!I'm not a huge football person, but man do I love football parties. Shocker, right?!You may be the same way or you may love football & love parties. But parties take time to plan, decorate, and coordinate. How about I take at least one part of it off of you? I created these foo ...
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Voiceover Studio Feature Image

Rock N Rolla Sign

Hey party people!Occasionally, I'll throw in a house-related post, and today is one of those days. I just wanted to share where we found a home for this bad boy...I found that during a fun Bloggers Weekened at the Nashville flea market. I still don't know how we fit it in Rhoda's car f ...
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Party Hack - Cake Topper Header

Party Hack: DIY Cake Topper

Hey party people!Party accessories can really add up - a little favor tag here, a little table runner there. The reason I started Parties for Pennies is because I love throwing parties, and I need to keep my budget in check. I truly believe you can throw stunning, Pinterest-worthy parties without br ...
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Brewery Baby Shower - Header 2

Brewery Baby Shower

Hey party people!Nope. Your eyes are not deceiving you. I recently threw a brewery baby shower!Here's why.My blog friend, Michelle from Iron & Twine, is having twins - a boy & a girl. For her baby shower, she really wanted couples to be invited. We talked about hosting an outdoor par ...
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Tour Through Blogland Header

A Tour Through Blogland

Hey party people!Hope you're having a great Labor Day weekend. Today, we're doing something a little different.If you read a variety of blogs, like I do, you may find yourself wondering about  the bloggers behind the blogs. How do they come up with their projects? How do they determine their styl ...
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Healthy Chocolate Bars | | #healthy #dessert

Healthy Chocolate Bars

Hey party people!Do you have a restaurant in your town that if someone asked you if you could only eat at one place the rest of your life, that would be it? Even in Atlanta, full of amazing restaurants, I have one place that I can't get enough of. That's Souper Jenny. She's actually branched out and ...
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